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Seasonal Savings – Savings + Beverage package

It´s the season of savings! 
Save up to 8 000.- per stateroom & get a beverage package included!

Savings per person:

  • 1 000,- p/p in Inside Stateroom 
  • 2 000,- p/p in Outside and Veranda Staterooms 
  • 3 000,- p/p Concierge Class and AquaClass Staterooms
  • 4 000,- p/p Suites 

Offer applies to first two guests in the stateroom. 

 Additional to the Savings guests will also receive: 

  • A Classic beverage package for 2 personer per Stateroom (not on inside)
  • Four Free perks for Suites for 2 persons, Premium Beverage Package, Onboard Credit, Free Gratuities and High Speed Internet Package
  • Additional guests, (3rd/4th), in triple and quad staterooms gets 50% Savings (no savings for 5th guest)

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